Crafted Jewelry and all the Art Work are a  reflection of the creativity that has filled my life.

I lived in a small town in Spain by the Mediterranean sea, where all my inspiration came from the surroundings:  seashells, sailing boats, palm trees, and beaches.

I love the Impressionist period, and the artists of that time are a fountain of inspiration for my ARTISTS JEWELRY COLLECTION.

 Some of the great Spanish artists are the foundation of my designs. As an admirer of Picasso, Miro and Dali, I’ve created jewelry pieces based on their works.


Now I am living in Miami Beach, another great place to be influenced by the sunlight and the green nature, working with the brilliant enamel colors is great to represent this vivid City.




 2017 - Feria Diseñadores , Madrid

2017 -  Pop UP 3, Espacio Cultural Abierto, Madrid.

2013 - Feria de los Artesanos de la Villa, 2º  año, Madrid 


2012 - Feria de los Artesano de la Villa, Madrid 


2011 - Hotel La Meridian Ra, El Vendrell, Tarragona.

         - Galeria de Arte de Anna Barcons, Comarruga, Tarragona

         - Passarella Calafell 2011,  Calafell, Tarragona

2010 - Salon Moda, Arte, Belleza, Hotel Puerta de America, Madrid.

         - Exp. Joyería en  Hotel La Meridien RA, El Vendrell, Tarragona 

         - Exp. Joyería en  Museo Nacional  D´Art de Catalunya /tienda,                          Barcelona.

         - Exp. Joyería en  Bass Museum Shop, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

2008 - Balneario TermaEuropa de Comarruga, Tarragona 

2007 - Escuela de Turismo de El Vendrell, Tarragona 

2005 - Galeria Toranto de Barcelona. 

2004 - Sala Caixa Tarragona ,  Reus, Tarragona. 

2003 - Restaurante el Pebrot i el  Petit Cargol. Barcelona.

2002 - Sala International Women´s Club. Barcelona.

         - Asociación de Residentes  y Propietarios de Comarruga .                                Tarragona 

2001 - Sala Caixa de Tarragona. El Vendrell. Tarragona

1983 - Feria de Arts and Crafts.  Bentwaters, U.K.

1982 - Feria de Arts and Crafts.  Woodbridge, U.K.