Handcrafted Jewelry & Original Art Work


My Jewelry is Art to Wear, using Ancient Techniques and Modern Designs


After years working with enamels I had the idea to work on pieces of  3D,  so the enamels can stand up and being admired by both sides.

I love the undersea life, so I decided start my coleccion with 3D fishes ,  some they have two sides, so I have to make two exacly pieces and then saw them together.  Other pieces are only one side. 

They have a base of wood, some a natural wood, without any treatment to give a rustic finish.  They are small since the entire piece has to be in the kiln to fire at 1500 F degrees, and the chamber is small.  The pieces are hold on the wood with a metal pole o the same cooper is made the figure.


After the design in paper is final the shape is cut from a sheet of copper, edges filed, and volume is given with a hammer.

Sterling Silver Jewelry is acomplished by purchasing the sterling silver and making the shape designed.


Enamel is aplied on each piece and fired. The enamel has to be in leyers and each one fired independent, to obtain the diferent color and design desired. A piece is fired from 5 to 15 times depending on the finished product.

The Kiln

The metal with the enamel covering all the piece is placed in the kiln to be fired for a few minutes.

The enamel is fussed on the metal at 1500 degrees F. several times, depending on the complexity of the piece.


Urban moments, from today's life.  I began creating sketches in ink and watercolor when I meet the Urban Sketchers group from Orlando in 2020. 
I feel  more free  with this fast painting  medium working outdoors.
Historical buildings have a story to tell, which I  try  to capture in my drawings and watercolors.
Here in Miami Beach, Art Deco buildings are iconic and each one influences the life of their visitors and the story of Miami Beach.

Urban Sketchers

Now my travels through  Europe are to join other Urban Sketchers, and visit new countries with a pen and book, to crate traveler's books.